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Republican candidates seeking state offices visit Wilton

By Stephanie Kim – The Hour

Peter Lumaj, an immigration attorney from Fairfield, said the first few issues he’d tackle as governor would be to reform statewide agencies, the state income tax and the welfare system. He also shot down tolls and adding more taxes. And he vowed to push away “socialism (that) is coming to the United States” — which he said bears similarities to the Communist regime he fled from in his native country of Albania in the 1980s.

“If we make these changes right away, and if we go to Hartford with the character and the fortitude of dismantling the mentality that we have in Hartford right now, we can change the state around,” said Lumaj, who lost in a close race for secretary of state in 2014. “Only someone who’s a compete outsider, like I am, can make those changes.” Read the full story here.

Future of Connecticut’s Governor’s Residence Becomes Issue in Governor’s Race

By Max Reiss – NBC Connecticut

Take Peter Lumaj, a Republican running for governor. Lumaj said of the estate at the corner of Prospect and Asylum Hartford, “When you run for governor, or any position in the government, I don’t think that should be about perks, that should be about service.”

Lumaj recommends using the property as a way to raise revenue for the state of Connecticut. He even said he would commute from his Fairfield County home in order to save money on the Residence. He said the cost of security would pale in comparison to management of the estate. Read and watch the story here.

Let them go bankrupt!


February 9, 2018

Southington, CT – Peter Lumaj, Conservative Republican for Governor, hit back against the Malloy Administration’s “imminent deal” to bailout the City of Hartford this morning. Lumaj stated that “This move is irresponsible and places an undue burden on the backs of taxpayer’s in cities and towns who are able to manage their finances properly. This is an attempt, by Malloy, to punish successful towns and redistribute wealth to his political allies.”

Lumaj continued, “When the state rewards the reckless spending and carelessness of city politicians, it keeps failed leadership in place for another generation. Constantly bailing out Hartford creates systematic failure – and we simply cannot afford to do it. The state needs to force Hartford residents to come face-to-face with their own financial reality. The reality is, failed liberal Democrat policies and payouts are dismantling self reliance and it is in turn destroying our inner cities. These decisions are prolonging cycles of failure and poverty.”

“We need to create a fresh start for Connecticut. We can save our inner cities by creating an environment for economic growth and investment. This starts with tax cuts reigning in the size, scope and cost of government and then prioritizing our spending. It’s time to stop putting band aids on our problems and address them for what they are. As Governor, it will be my job to fight for each and every citizen of this great state, but I will NOT reward failure.”


Lumaj Building Momentum. Releases Third Town Committee Endorsement.


Wolcott, CT, February 6, 2018 – The Wolcott Republican Town Committee has announced it’s endorsement of Peter Lumaj for Governor of Connecticut in 2018. At their monthly meeting on January 25th, the Wolcott Republican Town Committee discussed the upcoming gubernatorial election and other state races.

After discussion, a motion was introduced for an official town committee endorsement. The Wolcott RTC voted unanimously to endorse Peter Lumaj’s campaign effort to bring common sense conservative principals back to Hartford as the next Governor of our state.

Wolcott Town Committee Chairman Sean Hughes echoed the committee’s decision stating, “Peter Lumaj is the right man at the right time to save our state from the failed liberal policies of Dan, Dannel, Dan Malloy and the career politicians that continue to support his destruction of our state’s economy.” Hughes goes on to say, “Peter’s principled approach which is based on Constitutional limited government, personal responsibility and economic freedom, is what will win back control of Connecticut for taxpayers and families in November.”

The Wolcott Republican Town Committee is the third town committee to publicly endorse Peter Lumaj for Governor in 2018.

Republican and Conservative Organizations

  1. The Plymouth Republican Town Committee
  2. The Barkhamsted Republican Town Committee
  3. The Wolcott Republican Town Committee

State and Local Officials

  1. State Senator Henri Martin (R-31)
  2. State Representative Rob Sampson (R-80)
  3. Town Councilman William Dziedzic (R-Southington)
  4. Board of Finance Member Tony Morrison (R-Southington)

Connecticut Republican Party State Central Committee Members

  1. Cathy Paskus, CTGOP State Central Committeewoman (R-31)
  2. Dennis Cleary, CTGOP State Central Committeeman (R-16)
  3. Scott Veley, CTGOP State Central Committeeman (R-06)
  4. Gregg Hannan, CTGOP State Central Committeeman (R-12)
  5. Scott Saunders, CTGOP State Central Committeeman (R-31)

Republican Town Committee Chairman

  1. Juliana Simone, Republican Town Committee Chairwoman (R-Barkhamsted)
  2. Joe Kilduff, Republican Town Committee Chairman (R-Plymouth)
  3. Sean Hughes, Republican Town Committee Chairman (R-Wolcott)
  4. Nazih Noujaim, Republican Town Committee Chairman (R-Prospect)
  5. Gerald Nagy, Republican Town Committee Chairman (R-Ashford)
  6. Thomas Brummett, Republican Town Committee Chairman (R-Canterbury)

Republican and Conservative Leaders

  1. Jim Sanders, Former Alderman (R-New Britain)
  2. Steve Blackburn, Republican Town Committee Treasurer (R-Barkhamsted)