Watch as Steve Doocy interviews Peter Lumaj about how his experience as a refugee from the communist Albanian government and how it relates to the ongoing protests against the Cuban communist government. [Watch the entire interview here]

Communism doesn’t work anywhere. Not only in Cuba, this is a confrontation between two irreconcilable entities. That is the communists, the elites who are trying to maintain power through brute force and the anti Communist or the people who want freedom and Liberty. This is a confrontation that eventually is going to have to happen. Socialism can be voted in. But to maintain power, you have to use brute force and to dislodge it, you need a bloody revolution. Unfortunately, it is a confrontation that must be had. They must be dismantled.

It must be defeated once and for all. And it must be prevented from returning to the island of Cuba forever. Communism is evil. It produces nothing but command and control over their population, and it produces misery. What happens in Communist countries? They eventually become detention centers where people are detained by their own government and enslaved by their own government. My family and I, we were slaves until we came to United States until we escaped Communist Albania, we were owned by the government. So I understand what the Cuban people are going through right now, and my heart goes to them and my prayers go to them.

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Peter Lumaj for U.S. Senate