“American exceptionalism is based on freedom and liberty on the founding documents of this country,” Lumaj said.

“Because of the founding documents and freedom and liberty that we provide to this nation, we have developed the greatest nation on Earth.”

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My story is very simple. I think that my father was willing to sacrifice his life. He died in concentration camps so his sons could live in freedom. It took us about nine months before he came to the United States through different refugee camps where we were processed and fingerprinted and background investigation was conducted. But the fact that we wanted what the United States had to offer, that freedom, that opportunity. We were willing to sacrifice anything and everything that we could. And we had just to come over here to live the American dream.

I was able to go to College over here. I paid for it. I was able to go to law school and become an attorney. I paid for it. I work in different positions in the United States, including the Guliani Administration. I have my own practice. I’m living the American Dream, and so are hundreds and hundreds of thousands of people who escaped Eastern Europe. You can talk to any one of them, and they will tell you the exact same story. Look, you have George Soros, right now spending millions of dollars in Eastern Europe trying to maintain socialism where the government has command and control over the individual.

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Peter Lumaj for U.S. Senate