Another Conservative Leader For Lumaj! Duffy Dauphinais Backs Lumaj!


I endorse Peter Lumaj to be the Republican nominee for Governor in 2018. Let me tell you why:

I have met all the top tier declared candidates to be the Republican nominee for governor, and in my opinion, Peter Lumaj is the man I most trust to do what is right to bring conservative principles and values to the leadership of Connecticut. He is a political outsider, beholden to no one and willing to end the tax, borrow, and spend policies of the illiberal “progressives” in our state’s General Assembly, both left and right footed. Peter’s stripes will not change after the August primary.

I can trust Peter to make the tough decisions. He will cut spending. He will gore the oxen that exist in our General Assembly, on both sides of the aisle. He will stop the public service unions from controlling and strangling our state. Imagine, the Speaker of our House Representatives is a highly paid AFSCME public union executive and his union friends on the state’s “Ethics” committee say it’s ok. Peter understands this is nonsense.

Peter understands you are taxed enough already, that the state of Connecticut has a spending problem. He will not be raising our taxes. He will cut spending.

Peter is a good and honest man. He is a principled conservative, a man that understands that fiscal responsibility, rule of law, free enterprise, natural rights, property rights, and individual freedom and responsibility are not extreme values but rather the bedrock of American values. You don’t spend more than you make is not a partisan principle. Peter believes it is immoral the debt we are leaving our children and theirs. Peter is fearless in defending these conservative principles.

Offering Connecticut citizens a clear choice for the future of our state, Peter can win in the General Election. Peter has statewide election experience as he narrowly lost in 2014 running as the Republican candidate for Connecticut’s Secretary of the State.

As a legal immigrant, Peter can garner votes in the cities unlike other Republican candidates. He knows what it’s like to be an immigrant refugee from a communist country; he lived in a refugee camp, he flipped burgers at a burger king and struggled to achieve the American Dream – but through hard work and faith in God, his family and himself – he did it!

In my opinion, Peter is a role model of what an immigrant/refugee to this country can make of themselves when allowed the freedom to work hard and prosper. Immigrants in the cities will hear a Republican immigrant explain how they can be successful in life, how maybe some day, they too, can run for governor of a state in the United States. Peter’s inner city appeal strengthens our entire ticket in a general election.

In 2018, conservative Republicans in Connecticut do not have to settle. Peter is an unabashed conservative and is my choice for governor; he has the character, integrity, political courage, and ability to lead Connecticut out of the fiscal and economic calamity we find ourselves.

This is not to disparage other candidates, all fine men or women in their own right. But for my money, Peter Lumaj uniquely understands John Locke’s natural rights of life, liberty, and property in his heart and intellectually.

Duffy Dauphinais, Chairman of the Quiet Corner Tea Party Patriots