Another CT Conservative Leader Backs Lumaj!


Southington, Connecticut, Thursday, March 1st, 2018 –

Lumaj For CT is proud to announce the endorsement of another Republican Town Committee Chairman today, Chairman Bob Ferguson of Weston. Team Lumaj is excited to have the support of Bob and many other conservative and Republican leaders across our state. We look forward to earning the support of many more in the coming months. Our team looks forward to working with Bob to create a #FreshStart4CT in 2018!

Bob Ferguson, Republican Town Committee Chairman, Weston:

” I feel that Peter is the only candidate in the race that stands out as a true Constitutional conservative. Peter’s story of coming to America with his family, fleeing an oppressive communist regime is one that all Americans should respect and admire. Peter’s father died as a political prisoner at the hands of an oppressive government. He, and he alone, is the only candidate in the race that has lived with the results of a country that puts government first and it’s people second.”

“The state of Connecticut has gone off the deep end, both fiscally and politically. It is now becoming accepted practice to threaten and intimidate anyone with conservative viewpoints in this state in order to silence opposing points of view. This is encouraged by a Governor that has spent seven years forcing companies and individuals to leave our state over astronomical taxes and oppressive government regulation. As a first generation immigrant, Peter can reach out to Connecticut’s growing immigrant population because he once stood in their shoes and lives their dreams.”

“Therefore, I proudly endorse Peter Lumaj as the next Governor of Connecticut!”