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Conservatives Rallying Behind Lumaj. Conservative Leader, Rob Sampson Endorses Campaign.


Wolcott, CT, February 1, 2018 – Peter Lumaj, Conservative Republican for Governor, announced the endorsement of State Representative Rob Sampson (R-80) this afternoon in his bid to become the 2018 Republican Party Nominee for Governor of Connecticut.

“I am proud to endorse Peter Lumaj as my candidate of choice for the next governor of the State of Connecticut,” Sampson stated. “Peter is not only a smart businessman who shares my conservative Republican ideology. He also shares my values as a proud American and knows exactly what changes need to be made to create a better future for Connecticut” Sampson stated.

Sampson joins a growing list of Republican leaders throughout Connecticut supporting Lumaj’s campaign ahead of the 2018 Connecticut Republican Party Convention that will be held at Foxwoods in May.

“Peter understands the state’s problems thoroughly and I know him well enough to know that he has the added qualities of reliability and fearlessness – often where others who talk a good game fall short.” Sampson continued, “I know Peter will do what he says, and I look forward to working with him to get the job done.”

“I am excited to have the support of conservative leader, Rob Sampson. Rob is a strong and fearless legislator in the General Assembly. I have admired his leadership and robust defense of conservative ideals within our state throughout his four terms as a State Representative,” Lumaj stated. “I applaud his tireless work fighting back against the liberal agenda of Dan Malloy and the Democrats in Hartford. Rob is both an influential legislator and a good friend – I am thankful for his endorsement and I greatly look forward to working with him as we create a fresh start for Connecticut.”

Lumaj Blasts Malloy – “It’s Highway Robbery!”


January 31, 2018

Southington, CT – Peter Lumaj, Conservative Republican for Governor hit back against Gov. Malloy’s reckless proposal to institute tolls, drastically increase the state gasoline tax and institute a new tax on tire purchases in Connecticut this morning.

“This proposal is a slap in the face to all hard-working men and women in our state.” Lumaj stated. “This Governor, for some reason or another, simply can’t recognize that Connecticut has a spending problem not a revenue problem – adding additional burdens on the backs of taxpayers, struggling businesses and families is not in the best interest of our state. It’s highway robbery!”

“Governor Malloy and his insider cronies in Hartford need to realize that this is NOT their money, it is the taxpayer’s money. They cannot come raid our wallets and pocketbooks every time they mismanage the state’s finances. Connecticut’s gas tax is already the sixth highest in the nation, implementing tolls and a tire tax adds insult to injury – how much money does Hartford really need? We need to reign in the cost, size and scope of government – it’s time to cut the fat in Hartford, make the tough decisions to reduce our state’s unfunded liability burden and, for once, give our taxpayers a break.”

“Connecticut needs to become competitive again. This proposal is anti-taxpayer, anti-business and anti-family. I don’t support it, the business community doesn’t support it and the people of Connecticut don’t support it. I urge all Connecticut taxpayers to call their legislators and just say no to tolls and taxes.”

Lumaj Grabs Major Endorsement In New Britain


New Britain, CT, January 29, 2018 – Peter Lumaj, Conservative Republican for Governor, announced the endorsement of Former Alderman Jim Sanders, Jr. (R-New Britain) this morning in his bid to become the 2018 Republican Party Nominee for Governor of Connecticut.

Sanders, an outspoken and principled conservative voice in New Britain, joins a growing list of Republican leaders and conservative organizations throughout Connecticut supporting Lumaj’s campaign ahead of the 2018 Connecticut Republican Party Convention that will be held at Foxwoods in May.

“I’m tired of politicians that say one thing and then do another. To turn Connecticut around, we need a real political outsider, a real conservative that can shake things up and dismantle the tax and spend mentality in Hartford. Too often, we are forced to settle for candidates that don’t represent our values – this year we don’t have to do that. Peter Lumaj is a principled conservative outsider that can win. I’m proud to endorse his candidacy for Governor” Sanders stated.

In response to Sanders endorsement, Brock Weber, Campaign Manager for Lumaj, stated, “Jim is the leading conservative voice in New Britain and a man of tremendous integrity and respect. We are happy he’s on board and we look forward to working with him to create a fresh start for Connecticut.” Weber continued, “this endorsement goes to show that Peter’s support is broad and comes from every corner of Connecticut. We have worked hard to build a solid conservative coalition across the state and we are confident that we have the grassroots army in place to capture the Republican nomination. Jim’s endorsement furthers that effort.”

Lumaj Campaign Gaining Momentum: Grabs Major Endorsement For 2018, Senator Henri Martin

Bristol, CT, January 16, 2018 – Peter Lumaj, Conservative Republican for Governor, announced the endorsement of State Senator Henri Martin (R-31) this morning in his bid to become the 2018 Republican Party Nominee for Governor of Connecticut.

Martin joins a growing list of Republican leaders and conservative organizations throughout Connecticut supporting Lumaj’s campaign ahead of the 2018 Connecticut Republican Party Convention that will be held at Foxwoods in May.

Martin stated that he was proud to stand behind Lumaj, “Peter is a dedicated conservative who will fight everyday for the people of Connecticut. He has presented a solid and detailed roadmap for Connecticut that contains a bold vision for a sustainable future. Peter’s values are my values – we both believe in the dignity of hard work, the value of individual responsibility and the importance of extending a helping hand to those who are unable to help themselves.”

Martin continued, “Peter’s personal narrative is one that embodies the American Dream. Much like my parent’s own immigration story, Peter’s story is one of personal perseverance that led to promise and prosperity. The Republican Party would be wise to embrace candidates like Peter Lumaj because he is authentic and relatable. Those two qualities are paramount to winning elections in hardworking blue-collar districts like mine – Peter can win small towns like Plymouth and Harwinton, but he also has a unique ability to play well and win bigger cities like Bristol. I am confident that if we nominate Peter Lumaj, we will win in November of 2018.”

In response to Senator Martin’s endorsement, Lumaj stated, “I am proud and humbled to have the support of Senator Martin. Henri is a dear friend and one of the most courageous conservative leaders we have in Connecticut. He is a passionate and dedicated public servant and we welcome him with open arms to the team. I look forward to taking advice from Henri and working with him in the coming months as we work together to create a fresh start for Connecticut.”

Connecticut Republican Leaders Endorse Lumaj For Governor

Southington, Connecticut, Thursday January 18th, 2018
Lumaj For CT is proud to announce the endorsements of three prominent Connecticut Republican Party leaders today. Lumaj gained the endorsements of Dennis Cleary, Cathleen Paskus and Scott Veley. All are current members of the Connecticut Republican Party State Central Committee. The Connecticut Republican Party State Central Committee is comprised of party leaders, two elected from each state senatorial district, and charged with overseeing the operations of the Connecticut Republican Party. Team Lumaj is honored to have them on board and we look forward to working with them as we work to create a #FreshStart4CT in 2018!
Dennis Cleary, CTGOP State Central Committeeman, 16th District:
“Connecticut’s Republican party needs Peter Lumaj as governor. His principled leadership will help grow our party and capture the state legislature in 2018. You should be as tired as I am of squishy candidates who can’t back up their Republican principals. With Peter we will have a true conservative who understands conservative principals because he actually believes and lives them.” – Dennis Cleary
Cathleen Paskus, CTGOP State Central Committeewoman, 31st District:
“I am proudly supporting Peter Lumaj for Governor of Connecticut. Peter is the only real conservative Republican in the race. Peter is a small business owner, not a politician. He knows the state is out of control with spending. He looks to cut government and bring back government transparency which we greatly need in Connecticut. Peter will work to prioritize public safety for our citizens, cut the cost, size and scope of government and make our elected officials accountable to Connecticut citizens and to tax payers.” – Cathy Paskus
Scott Veley, CTGOP State Central Committeeman, 6th District:
“Peter’s unscripted mesmerizing speech relaying the escape from his oppressive homeland of Communist Albania at our State Convention several years ago, made me realize his deep commitment to his new home, the United States of America. Since then, Peter has become a Conservative voice in Connecticut, offering common sense solutions, embracing self-reliance, advocating for traditional values and constitutional freedoms. It is these qualities that have convinced me Peter Lumaj can win the Governorship of the State of Connecticut.” – Scott Veley
In addition to the endorsements released today, Lumaj has also been endorsed by the Plymouth and Barkhamsted Republican Town Committees. Please stay tuned for future endorsements! Many more coming!

Barkhamsted Republicans Back Lumaj


Barkhamsted, Connecticut, Tuesday January 16th, 2018–

The Barkhamsted Republican Town Committee is proud to announce its endorsement of Peter Lumaj for Governor of Connecticut in 2018. The Republican Town Committee held its monthly meeting Monday January 15th, 2018 where a motion for endorsement was made to all present voting members. The motion was discussed, voted on, and passed by the members in the room.

“We’ve been strong supporters of Peter Lumaj for many years. I have always admired his deep love for this country and the individual freedoms it offers to its citizens. The Barkhamsted Republicans appreciate Peter’s strong work ethic and staunch commitment to conservative principles. His ideas and policies encourage limited government and he has a strong belief in upholding the Constitution as our Forefather’s intended” said Chairwoman Juliana Simone.

“Peter’s story personifies the American Dream.” Simone continued. “He is the ideal candidate for Governor because he is a political outsider who won’t continue the business as usual mentality in Hartford. His personal background, his conservative positions, his business acumen and his ability to win – make Peter stand out in an overly crowded field. Our committee members have always been impressed by Peter whenever they’ve heard him speak. We are confident that we’ve made the right choice.”

The Barkhamsted Republican Town Committee is the second town committee to endorse Peter Lumaj for Governor in 2018. The Plymouth Republican Town Committee endorsed Lumaj in December of 2017.

Outsider candidates take on establishment at GOP governor debate

CT Post – Neil Vigdor

Fairfield immigration attorney Peter Lumaj, an immigrant from Albania who ran unsuccessfully for secretary of the state in 2014, emerged as the aggressor in the debate.

“If our towns were doing so great under their leadership, how come so many people are leaving the state?” Lumaj said. “We’re losing businesses to New York City, which has a socialist mayor. Just think about that for a second. Professional politicians.” Read the full story here.

GOP takes nine gubernatorial contenders on a bumpy test drive

The CT Mirror – Mark Pazniokas

Peter Lumaj, a refugee from Communist Albania and an unabashed admirer of President Trump, who demonstrated in 2016 that decorum accomplishes little on a stage crowded with candidates, spent much of the evening goading his rivals, especially the five Republicans who have held public office. He repeatedly dismissed them as “career politicians,” members of a political establishment that has left the state in fiscal and economic disarray. Read the full story here.

GOP candidates see opportunity in broadening voter outreach

Lumaj, an attorney and immigrant from Albania, said he has been pitching the conservative GOP message to inner city residents and ethnic groups who haven’t traditionally voted Republican in the past, including Albanians, Portuguese and Eastern Europeans. He said he has amassed about 50,000 supporters from this effort.

“That number is going to make all the difference,” Lumaj said. “We went to those cities. We went to those ethnic groups and converted them into Republicans. That is the strategy for us to win in 2018.” Read the full story here.

Republican Gubernatorial Candidates Square Off In First Debate by Christine Stuart | Dec 7, 2017

Lumaj said he’s not going to discuss the problems the state faces, “because everyone of you knows what the problem is with our state — career politicians.” “Here’s what we have to do,” Lumaj said. “Spur growth. Without spurring growth we’re never going to get out of this mess.” He said he would repeal the income tax for all families making less than $100,000 a year. He also suggested lowering the 6.35 percent sales tax and the 9 percent corporate tax. “We don’t have problems with revenue in our state, we have problems with spending,” Lumaj said. Read the full story here.

Plymouth Republican Town Committee Endorses Lumaj

Plymouth, Connecticut, Wednesday December 6th, 2017– The Plymouth Republican Town Committee is proud to announce its endorsement of Peter Lumaj for Governor of Connecticut in 2018. The Republican Town Committee held its regularly scheduled monthly meeting Monday November 29th, 2017 where a motion for endorsement was made to all present voting members. The motion was discussed, voted on, and passed unanimously by all members in the room.

“Plymouth Republicans are proud to stand united behind the candidacy of Peter Lumaj. Peter is a strong candidate who embodies the conservative values of our party and who has an actual plan and team in place that can win in November of 2018. He has the right tone, the right message and will win if he’s our nominee.” said RTC Chairman Joe Kilduff. Brock Weber, Campaign Manager for Lumaj, added, “We are excited to have the Plymouth Republicans committed to a fresh start for Connecticut. This endorsement is the first official RTC endorsement since Peter declared his candidacy for Governor and we look forward to many more as we continue our campaign over the coming months. Town Committee members and potential convention delegates are looking for a real conservative to support in 2018 – with Peter Lumaj, they have found their man.”

Lumaj Has Raised $373,000

By Chris Keating:

Veteran Republican candidate Peter Lumaj has continued his brisk fundraising pace, blowing past the $373,000 mark in his exploratory campaign. Lumaj announced his totals Tuesday for the just-finished quarter that ended on September 30. Read the full story here.

The Real Story: Peter Lumaj

HARTFORD — Fairfield Attorney Peter Lumaj who is “exploring” a run for statewide office, and has already raised a lot of money in his bid for the Republican nomination, blasts the Malloy administration and legislative Democrats for causing the deep budget crisis by extreme overspending. Check out the full interview here.

Lumaj: Malloy promoting lawlessness and chaos in our state…

By Neil Vigdor and Daniel Tepfer: Accused killer in Bridgeport slaying had been deported

Republican Peter Lumaj, an immigration lawyer from Fairfield who is exploring a run for statewide office, slammed Malloy and said his lax policies are putting residents in danger.

“He’s really promoting lawlessness and chaos in our state,” said Lumaj, who immigrated to the U.S. from Albania. “I think we’re turning our state into a sanctuary state. This thing is going to come back to haunt him.”

Read the full article from the CT Post here.


Wolcott, Connecticut, February 6th, 2017 – Today, Peter Lumaj, exploratory candidate for statewide office in 2018, announced the Steering Committee overseeing his exploratory efforts. The committee,which is composed of prominent Republicans and conservative activists from all corners of Connecticut, will serve as an advisory body to Lumaj as he continues to explore a run for Connecticut Statewide Office in 2018.

“I am excited to announce the first 40 names of our Steering Committee,” Lumaj stated. “These dedicated individuals are deeply committed to the conservative cause in Connecticut and are all prominent activists in our state and within their respective communities. I look forward to working with them over the coming months as we continue our exploratory operations and work towards creating a fresh start for Connecticut.”


Peter’s Plan: A Fresh Start For Connecticut

Prosperity: Budget, Taxes and Job Creation

It’s time to rein in big government in Hartford. A smaller government will put us on the path of prosperity. Common sense conservative reforms will provide Connecticut with a long-term plan for prosperity. Peter’s Plan for lower taxes, a predictable, competitive economic growth climate, and a vibrant job market will encourage people and businesses to stay in Connecticut.

Enforce the state spending cap. In 1991, the voters of Connecticut voted overwhelmingly to enact a state spending cap to limit the cost of state government. Democrat politicians in Hartford ignored the will of the voters and failed to implement the cap. Peter will fight to implement the state spending cap and will fight against spending that exceeds the cap. Peter will fight against the reckless spenders in Hartford.

Tackle Connecticut’s unfunded liabilities. Connecticut has over $60 Billion in debt and unfunded obligations. Democrat politicians and the special-interest groups they represent, namely public labor unions, advocate for increased taxes. Taxes kill jobs. Peter will pursue structural reforms rather than “kick the can” down the road. Peter’s Plan calls for increasing current state employee contributions to their pensions and benefit packages. For future state employees, Peter supports moving the current defined benefit plan to a defined contribution plan.

Cut taxes to encourage growth and development. Connecticut is struggling with a continual billion(s) dollar budget deficit. The way out is with economic growth and development. Peter’s Plan allows businesses and the people of Connecticut to keep and invest more of their own money, thus encouraging growth and investment. Peter’s Plan cuts the corporate tax rate from 9% to 7.5%. Peter’s Plan cuts the state sales tax from 6.35% to 6.10%, gradually eliminates the Connecticut state income tax, and eliminates the tax for households making $100,000 or less annually. Peter’s Plan eliminates the business entity tax, the estate and gift tax, the tax on social security income, and the nearly 200 taxes and fees that cost more to collect than they generate in revenue. Taxes kill jobs.

Cut the cost of government, increase efficiency. Connecticut state government is large and intrusive. Government should be limited to providing core services only. Peter will study all options to cut the size, scope and cost of government. Peter’s Plan cuts 14% of state agency and department budgets and supports privatization of many state services such as the DMV and many social services. We must enact realistic priority-based budgeting.

Invest in infrastructure. Roads and rails expand economic development. For decades, Democrats have raided the Special Transportation Fund and allocated the monies to special interest projects. Peter will fight to end this practice. He will fight to make sure that transportation money is spent on transportation projects by instituting a real “lockbox” that cannot be raided.

Establish a debt limit. Borrowing has increased significantly over the past few decades and debt service payments are now one of the fastest growing costs in state government. Peter would fight for a responsible state bonding cap that would limit the amount of money the legislature could bond for appropriated projects.

Establish an Overtime Accountability Office. Overtime abuses by state agencies cost taxpayers millions of dollars each year. Connecticut has a serious overtime mismanagement issue. With reckless abandon, managers approve overtime for state employees. Overtime pay should not be included in salary computation for retirement benefits, as it creates the incentive to give and accumulate excessive overtime payments. Peter’s Plan overhauls the system for tracking overtime, identifying and analyzing overtime trends, oversees appropriating dollars for overtime, and holds managers responsible for monitoring overtime and meeting reduction targets.

Reform Collective Bargaining for State and Municipal governments. Labor costs are the highest costs for state and local governments. Collective bargaining creates work place rules that unnecessarily cost taxpayers large amounts of money. For example, Connecticut is one of only two states to provide Lincoln’s birthday as a paid state holiday in addition to Presidents’ Day. This extra holiday costs taxpayers millions of dollars each year. Collective bargaining and binding arbitration laws heavily favor public employee unions. While Hartford teeters on the verge of bankruptcy, binding arbitration mandated the city give unions a 6.25% pay increase, retroactive to 2013, costing the city $1.1 million. Hartford is now asking the state for money to cover its deficit. The state and municipalities need a level playing field to have a fair chance in negotiations. Peter will fight to reform these laws and will fight to reform or repeal binding arbitration. The state and municipalities cannot balance their budgets because of the current unfair collective bargaining laws. Unions are stalling economic growth. The main driver of our budget deficit is the unsustainable cost of public union healthcare and pensions. Connecticut is one of only five states to collectively bargain state employee healthcare and pensions. Most legislatures set the amount of the benefits. Collective bargaining for state and local employees is not required by federal law and can be changed at the state level. Peter will fight to reform collective bargaining to reduce the core cost of government to a reasonable level which taxpayers can afford.

Become a Right-to-Work state. Unions have become another branch of Connecticut government. Union leaders are virtual dictators with undue influence over elected officials. Peter will fight for Right-to-Work legislation prohibiting the coercion of employees to join a union. Employees will not be compelled to pay union dues or be forced to make political contributions. Unions stall economic growth and hurt workers.


The future of Connecticut is only as good as the future we provide for our children. We must give them the tools needed to succeed.

Embrace Educational Choice and Opportunity. We’ve thrown billions of dollars at Connecticut school districts, but poorly performing schools have not improved. Throwing more money at them is not the answer. Peter’s “Money Follows the Child” plan empowers students and families to take charge of their education through choice and opportunity. A strong voucher program allots education money based on town residency and follows the child to a school or institution of their choice – public (within district), private, magnet, charter or parochial. Strong voucher programs create competition and drive performance among students, teachers and schools.

Invest in Skills. There are many valuable forms of post-high school education. To be competitive, we must diversify our economy by educating skilled tradesmen, manufacturers, and craftsmen for these high-paying careers. Long-term jobs are here in Connecticut, but those jobs remain unfilled because we do not have a skilled workforce. We must invest in technical education at the state and local level, utilizing public and private partnerships.

Government Transparency and Accountability

Democrats and status quo Hartford insiders are failing the people of Connecticut. For decades, the Democrat-controlled legislature has been reckless with taxpayer dollars. Special interests and corruption are rampant. Peter is a true outsider who offers a new and practical approach to governing.

Lead by example. There are countless examples of wasteful government spending in the budgets proposed by the Governor and/or enacted by the legislature. Peter believes that in order to hold all aspects of government responsible for their proposed budgets, accountability should start with our elected officials. Peter’s plan calls for a 10% budget reduction to the operating budget of the state legislature, elimination of legislative franking privileges, elimination of pensions for statewide constitutional office holders, and the immediate sale of the Governor’s Mansion in Hartford.

Reform the Office of the Auditors of Public Accounts. Connecticut is the only state with two full-time Public Auditors, both of whom are partisan appointees. This is a wasteful and unnecessary expense. Peter’s Plan eliminates one full-time public auditor position and makes the office nonpartisan.

Propose term limits. Holding elective office is about public service and should not be a career move. Peter will fight for legislation calling for a two-term limit for all state constitutional offices.

Eliminate the Citizens’ Election Program. Taxpayers of Connecticut should not be funding the political campaigns of individuals seeking office. Professional politicians created a system in which candidates cannot be competitive in elections unless they are self-funding millionaires or participants in the Citizens Election Program. Peter proposes eliminating CEP and creating a new system to reexamine donation and expenditure limits. We can create an election environment that remains competitive and removes the financial burden from hardworking taxpayers.

Show the state budget to municipalities by early May. To budget effectively, municipalities need predictability to set their operating budget, education budget, and mill rate. Hartford has made this extremely difficult because of uncertainty over the state budgeting process. Peter will fight to provide the state budget to municipalities by early May.

Public Safety, Security and Immigration

A core function of state government is to protect the citizens of Connecticut. The Democrat-controlled legislature is responsible for the substantial decrease in the number of uniformed police officers and the corresponding substantial increase in violent criminal activity. Peter proposes reversing Malloy’s and the Democrats’ liberal and dangerous policies that put Connecticut communities at risk. We must stand in solidarity with our police officers and first responders.

Institute a Three Strikes law. Peter believes we have a responsibility to keep all residents and state visitors safe and free of harm. We must remove repeat and violent offenders from our streets. Peter supports a three-strikes law that increases prison sentences of convicted felons who have been previously convicted of two or more violent crimes or serious felonies. A three-strikes law significantly limits the ability of these offenders to receive a punishment other than a life sentence.

Repeal the early release program. Since 2011, Malloy’s and the Democrats’ early release program has freed nearly 21,000 convicted offenders from our state prisons, returning them to our cities and towns. Many of them were repeat and violent offenders. Peter believes criminals belong in prison, not in our neighborhoods.

Enforce federal immigration law. As someone who specializes in immigration matters and is familiar with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) responsibilities, Peter believes immigration laws should be enforced and Connecticut should work with the Federal government and not against it. Peter will fight to repeal the 2014 sanctuary law and to decrease non-essential state funding to municipalities and public institutions that identify as sanctuaries for undocumented immigrants. Peter will fight to repeal in-state tuition for undocumented immigrants and would rescind driver’s licenses granted to undocumented immigrants.

Aggressively fight the opioid crisis facing Connecticut. The opioid addiction crisis is affecting all Connecticut communities, touching people from all walks of life. We must end this crisis. Peter believes we must provide educational resources to our youth to inform them about the dangers and risks of opioid addiction. For those suffering from addiction, Peter believes we must provide essential lifesaving resources to individuals and families to combat addiction and foster an environment for sustained rehabilitation. Peter’s Plan will provide essential tools to state and local law enforcement to stop the drug dealers who are fueling this crisis.

Protecting Freedom and Liberty

The duty of government is to protect the freedoms, rights, and liberties proclaimed in our founding documents. Peter is a strong constitutionalist who will vigilantly advocate to protect the freedoms, rights, and liberties of the residents of Connecticut.

Protect the Second Amendment. As a gun owner, Peter understands the importance of protecting the Second Amendment and fostering the traditions and heritage of responsible gun ownership. Peter will advocate against future efforts to restrict the rights of law abiding citizens and will push for repeal of past legislation that infringed upon those rights.

Protect property rights. The power of eminent domain has been abused by municipalities and the state. Peter will fight for additional protections for property owners in Connecticut.

Protect parental rights. The role of raising children should be left to parents and guardians in safe households. The government should have no role in raising our children.

Protect the integrity of Connecticut elections. To protect against voter fraud, Peter will seek legislation to institute a Voter ID for every qualified elector in the State of Connecticut.

Lumaj Has Fundraising Lead Among 2018 Republican Hopefuls

Russell BlairContact Reporter

Fairfield attorney Peter Lumaj raised $105,795 in the fourth quarter of 2016, the most of any of the handful of Republicans seeking statewide office in the 2018 election, according to reports filed with the State Elections Enforcement Commission.

“We did very, very well,” Lumaj told Capitol Watch Tuesday. “The reception has been great. … The money keeps on coming in.

Lumaj, who has raised a total of $126,800, ran for U.S. Senate in 2012 and challenged Secretary of the State Denise Merrill two years ago in what ended up being a close race. He has formed an exploratory committee which means he doesn’t have to commit to which office he may seek. Asked Tuesday Lumaj said he was still weighing his options.

Read the full story from the Hartford Courant here.