Conservative Leader Dubitsky Endorses Lumaj!


Southington, CT, February 27, 2018 – Peter Lumaj, Conservative Republican for Governor, announced the endorsement of State Representative Doug Dubitsky (R-47) earlier today in Lumaj’s bid to become the 2018 Republican party nominee for Governor of Connecticut.

“Peter Lumaj is just the type of principled and focused leader Connecticut needs to guide our state back to solvency after eight years of Dan Malloy’s irresponsible spending.” Dubitsky said. “Peter’s life experience gives him a unique understanding of the dangers wrought by government overreach.”

Dubitsky joins an impressive list of conservative leaders throughout Connecticut supporting Lumaj’s gubernatorial campaign ahead of the 2018 Connecticut Republican party convention that will be held at Foxwoods in May.

“While lowering taxes, reducing regulation and unleashing personal liberty are bringing explosive growth to the rest of the country, Connecticut remains stuck in Malloy’s regressive state-centered policies which are strangling innovation and economic activity. With Peter Lumaj as Governor, Connecticut will retake its historic role as a leader in business expansion and rejoin America’s ascent to prosperity.” Dubitsky said.

“Doug is someone who I have known for a long time and someone who I have deep respect for. He is a dedicated public servant to his district and to the people of eastern Connecticut, he is a tireless defender of the constitution and a true advocate for conservative principles.” Lumaj said. “He has served the people of Canterbury, Chaplin, Franklin, Hampton, Lebanon, Lisbon, Norwich, Scotland and Sprague as a true professional and I am greatly honored and thankful to have his endorsement and counsel. I am excited to work with him in the coming months to help create a fresh start for Connecticut!”