Republican and Conservative Organizations

  1. The Plymouth Republican Town Committee
  2. The Barkhamsted Republican Town Committee
  3. The Wolcott Republican Town Committee
  4. The Pomfret Republican Town Committee
  5. The Canterbury Republican Town Committee
  6. The Sprague Republican Town Committee
  7. The UConn College Republicans
  8. The Connecticut Citizens Defense League (CCDL)

State and Local Officials

  1. State Senator Henri Martin (R-31)
  2. State Representative Rob Sampson (R-80)
  3. State Representative Doug Dubitsky (R-47)
  4. State Representative John Fusco (R-81)
  5. Mayor Dave Merchant (R-Plymouth)
  6. Town Councilman William Dziedzic (R-Southington)
  7. Town Councilman Dan Gentile (R-Plymouth)
  8. Alderman George Noujaim (R-Waterbury)
  9. Town Councilwoman Sue Murawski (R-Plymouth)
  10. Board of Finance Member Tony Morrison (R-Southington)
  11. Board of Finance Member Jake Carrier (R-Bristol)
  12. Town Recreation Commissioner Don Crouch (R-Wallingford)
  13. Town Councilman Tom Zagurski (R-Plymouth)
  14. Zoning Board of Appeals Member Mike Erosenko (R-Bristol)
  15. Board of Education Chairwoman Andrea Saunders (R-Plainville)
  16. Board of Finance Chairman Jim Kilduff (R-Plymouth)
  17. Housing Commissioner Alex-John Ricciardone (R-Southington)
  18. Town Councilman John Pajeski (R-Plymouth)
  19. Board of Education Member Michelle Lucian (R-Plymouth)
  20. Town Councilwoman Roxanne McCann (R-Plymouth)
  21. Town Clerk Barbara Rockwell (R-Plymouth)
  22. First Selectman Chris Lippke (R-Canterbury)
  23. Board of Finance Member Jonathan Trotta (R-Guilford)
  24. Selectman and RTC Chairman Lincoln Cooper (R-Sterling)
  25. Selectwoman Lisa Napolitano (R-Columbia)

Connecticut Republican Party State Central Committee Members

  1. Cathy Paskus, CTGOP State Central Committeewoman (R-31)
  2. Dennis Cleary, CTGOP State Central Committeeman (R-16)
  3. Scott Veley, CTGOP State Central Committeeman (R-06)
  4. Gregg Hannan, CTGOP State Central Committeeman (R-12)
  5. Scott Saunders, CTGOP State Central Committeeman (R-31)
  6. Michelle Garabedian, CTGOP State Central Committeewoman (R-29)
  7. Michael Meadows, CTGOP State Central Committeeman (R-19) and Sprague Republican Town Committee Chairman

Republican Town Committee Chairmen

  1. Juliana Simone, Republican Town Committee Chairwoman (R-Barkhamsted)
  2. Joe Kilduff, Republican Town Committee Chairman (R-Plymouth)
  3. Sean Hughes, Republican Town Committee Chairman (R-Wolcott)
  4. Nazih Noujaim, Republican Town Committee Chairman (R-Prospect)
  5. Gerald Nagy, Republican Town Committee Chairman (R-Ashford)
  6. Thomas Brummett, Republican Town Committee Chairman (R-Canterbury)
  7. Jonathon Gilman, Republican Town Committee Chairman, Fmr. CTGOP State Central Committeeman (R-Bozrah)
  8. Jerry Morales, Republican Town Committee Chairman (R-Preston)
  9. Brooke Cheney, Republican Town Committee Chairwoman (R-Harwinton)
  10. Bob Ferguson, Republican Town Committee Chairman (R-Weston)
  11. Mike Desaulniers, Republican Town Committee Chairman (R-Windham)
  12. Peter Mann, Republican Town Committee Chairman (R-Pomfret)
  13. Jeffrey Caggiano, Republican Town Committee Chairman (R-Bristol)
  14. Susan Hull, Republican Town Committee Chairman (R-Lisbon)
  15. Mike Ninteau, Republican Town Committee Chairman (R-Lebanon)
  16. Jeffrey Viens, Republican Town Committee Chairman (R-Columbia)

Republican and Conservative Leaders

  1. Jim Sanders, Former Alderman (R-New Britain)
  2. Steve Blackburn, Republican Town Committee Treasurer (R-Barkhamsted)
  3. Roy Piper, Fmr. First Selectman (R-Canterbury)
  4. Anthony D’Amato, Fmr. City Councilman (R-Bristol)
  5. Sal Lilienthal, Fmr. CTGOP District Vice Chairman (R-Kent)
  6. Linda Szynkowicz, Fmr. Board of Education Member and candidate for State Representative (R-Middletown)
  7. John Underwood, Fmr. RTC Chairman, Fmr. CTGOP State Central Committeeman (R-Brooklyn)
  8. Tim Sullivan, President and Chairman UConn College Republicans (R-Storrs)
  9. Max Turgeon, Vice President of Internal Affairs UConn College Republicans and RTC Member (R-Newington)
  10. Pablo Soto, Fmr. CTGOP State Central Committeeman (R-Meriden)
  11. Neil Dupont, Fmr. First Selectman (R-Canterbury)
  12. Duffy Dauphinais, Chairman of the Quiet Corner Tea Party Patriots (R-Killingly)
  13. Jerry Padula, Fmr. Alderman (R-Waterbury)
  14. Pamela Lewerenz, Fmr. Selectwoman (R-Pomfret)
  15. Gregory Showers, RTC Vice Chairman (R-Plymouth)
  16. Manny Espinosa, Fmr. RTC Campaign Chairman (R-Montville)
  17. Lenny Rich, Fmr. City Councilman (R-Meriden)
  18. Bob Ives, Fmr. RTC Chairman (R-Plymouth)
  19. Charles Poanessa, Fmr. Town Councilman (R-Berlin)
  20. Patrizia DiLonardo, Fmr. RTC Secretary (R-Guilford)
  21. Keith Golnik, Fmr. RTC Chairman (R-Plymouth)
  22. Brian Glenn, Fmr. RTC Chairman (R-Bristol)
  23. Craig Baldwin, Fmr. First Selectman (R-Pomfret)
  24. Richard Napolitano, Fmr. RTC Chairman (R-Columbia)
  25. Pamela Munro, RTC Secretary (R-Salem)