Let them go bankrupt!


February 9, 2018

Southington, CT – Peter Lumaj, Conservative Republican for Governor, hit back against the Malloy Administration’s “imminent deal” to bailout the City of Hartford this morning. Lumaj stated that “This move is irresponsible and places an undue burden on the backs of taxpayer’s in cities and towns who are able to manage their finances properly. This is an attempt, by Malloy, to punish successful towns and redistribute wealth to his political allies.”

Lumaj continued, “When the state rewards the reckless spending and carelessness of city politicians, it keeps failed leadership in place for another generation. Constantly bailing out Hartford creates systematic failure – and we simply cannot afford to do it. The state needs to force Hartford residents to come face-to-face with their own financial reality. The reality is, failed liberal Democrat policies and payouts are dismantling self reliance and it is in turn destroying our inner cities. These decisions are prolonging cycles of failure and poverty.”

“We need to create a fresh start for Connecticut. We can save our inner cities by creating an environment for economic growth and investment. This starts with tax cuts reigning in the size, scope and cost of government and then prioritizing our spending. It’s time to stop putting band aids on our problems and address them for what they are. As Governor, it will be my job to fight for each and every citizen of this great state, but I will NOT reward failure.”