Lumaj Gaining Support Statewide In Gubernatorial Race



March 27, 2018

Southington, Connecticut – Peter Lumaj, Conservative Republican candidate for Governor, has released another round of endorsements from the campaign trail. The Lumaj For CT campaign has continued to grow in numbers and in strength over the past several weeks and continues to receive endorsements from Republican leaders and conservative activists all across Connecticut. The following Republicans have publicly endorsed Lumaj’s gubernatorial bid:

  • Jerry Padula- Fmr. Alderman (R-Waterbury)
  • Pamela Lewerenz- Fmr. Selectwoman (R-Pomfret)
  • John Pajeski- Town Councilman (R-Plymouth)
  • Michelle Lucian- Board of Education Member (R-Plymouth)
  • Roxanne McCann- Town Councilwoman (R-Plymouth)
  • Barbara Rockwell- Town Clerk (R-Plymouth)
  • Gregory Showers- RTC Vice Chairman (R-Plymouth)
  • Chris Lippke- First Selectman (R-Canterbury)
  • Manny Espinosa- Fmr. RTC Campaign Chairman (R-Montville)
  • Lenny Rich- Fmr. City Councilman (R-Meriden)

“Our message of bringing back common sense conservative values back to Hartford is appealing to people all around our great state,” Lumaj said. “Receiving support from conservative leaders in both small towns like Plymouth and in cities like Waterbury and Meriden is proof that I have the ability to appeal to voters across a broad spectrum around our state. Closing the gap in the cities and maintaining our success in the small towns is vital to Republican success in the general election – and I will do that.”

This is the second week in a row Lumaj has released a list of ten or more endorsements. Throughout the month of March, Lumaj has more than tripled his endorsement count which now stands at an impressive sixty-four total endorsements.