Lumaj Response: Malloy & Bronin Comments On NRA

“Governor Malloy and his protégé Luke Bronin are two liberal peas in a pod. Both would rather make grand political statements attacking the NRA, rather than deal with the mess that they and their liberal career politician allies have created in our state.

“In calling the NRA a terrorist organization, Malloy not only insults the many hardworking and law abiding Connecticut members of the organization, but also the countless individuals around the world that anguish under terrorist regimes and are affected by terrorist attacks.

“The NRA is the oldest defender of civil liberties in the United States. An organization more than five million strong, comprised of people from all walks of life, many of whom are our friends and neighbors. The NRA stands for our Second Amendment rights, for gun safety, and teaches proper use and respect for firearms throughout our nation. They are not the enemy. We cannot let liberal Democrats like Malloy and Bronin scapegoat them in wake of tragedy or push the confiscation of firearms by calling it gun safety.

“These two men are more interested in scoring cheap political points with their socialist base, than addressing the safety or our children in schools or upholding The Constitution of the United States and The Constitution of Connecticut.

“This is a political ploy, plain and simple. These pathetic puppets for the ultra far-left will do anything and say anything to distract from Connecticut’s flailing economy and the outrageous tax burden they have saddled Connecticut taxpayers with.

“Their comments are outrageous and embarrassing. Shame on them.” – Peter Lumaj