Lumaj Wins New Britain Debate

Friends –

I don’t have to tell you about Peter’s conservative bonafides, but they shined brightly at the 5th District CTGOP Gubernatorial Debate tonight! We had another well deserved debate victory in New Britain and I am happy to report that Peter out-performed the rest of the field and that strong momentum is building everyday for Peter Lumaj and the #FreshStart4CT Team!

Tonight, Peter took the stage and articulated a fearless conservative message to partly leaders, to delegates and to the voters of Connecticut! Peter presented a bold vision, full of fresh ideas and convinced the audience that he is only candidate in this race with the character and fortitude to stand up and fight back against the career politicians, professional bureaucrats and the corrupt political elite in Hartford!

From beginning to end, Peter discussed his common sense conservative plan to create a fresh start for Connecticut. A plan that is realistic, viable and effectively communicates the ideals and principles of the Republican Party. The voters in the audience knew that, Peter Lumaj, is the only true conservative and the real Hartford outsider in this race.

Peter was the only candidate on stage tonight to present bold and conservative solutions to the problems that Hartford and the career politicians have created. Peter called for:

  • Aggressive tax cuts to foster growth and innovation
  • Reining in the size, cost and scope of state government
  • Aggressively reforming the Connecticut welfare system
  • Instituting right-to-work legislation
  • Tackling the unfunded liability crisis through structural reforms
  • Fighting back against dangerous sanctuary city policies
  • Fighting for individual rights by protecting personal liberties and freedoms

Finally, Peter was the only candidate on stage that presented a viable plan to win the general election in November. Peter talked about targeting traditional Republican voters, re-energizing the Trump base and his ability make significant inroads in Connecticut’s cities and urban centers. We have a plan to win and with your help, WE WILL WIN!

If you’re interested in learning more about Peter’s common-sense conservative platform, you can read more about Peter’s Plan here.

The whole Lumaj team is very proud of Peter’s performance in tonight’s debate and we look forward to participating in final CTGOP Debate in two weeks. I hope you will consider joining us as we work to elect conservative Republican Peter Lumaj as the next Governor of Connecticut in 2018.

To learn more about Peter or to get involved/donate to the campaign please visit