Values Declaration of Independence

Declaration of Independence

The rights to Freedom, Equality, and Self-Governance are the American values that guide Peter in his desire to serve his country. Having grown up in a communist country where the common people were denied these rights, he has a very deep appreciation for what our founders did when forming America. These rights are being threatened today by forces that want to take control of our lives, treat groups of people differently, and remove the power of representative governance from us. He is running for US Senate to stop this from happening.


Freedom takes many forms but at its core is the freedom to be self-reliant and to make your own decisions about what is best for you and your family. An increasingly expanding government is working to take away those freedoms and make us dependent on a nanny-state. The American Dream of being able to build your own success with hard work and perseverance dies with big government.

Values Freedom
Values Equality and Justice

Equality & Justice

Equality means that people should be treated fairly and have equal rights under the law. No one should be denied opportunities because of things like their race or religious beliefs. Our country made tremendous progress reducing discrimination, progress that was made by leaders such as Dr. Martin Luther King. But today, there are people that want to reverse that progress and create systemic discrimination that divides us.


Our ability to self-govern in our representative democracy is the foundation upon which our country was built. If we are not happy with how the government is run, we can always vote for new leadership. But self-governance is being eroded by a growing bureaucracy of unelected officials and unchallenged dictates from executive officers at both the state and federal levels. Local control is being removed and handed to the growing centralized government bureaucracy.

Values Self Governance

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Peter Lumaj for U.S. Senate