Plymouth Republican Town Committee Endorses Lumaj

Plymouth, Connecticut, Wednesday December 6th, 2017– The Plymouth Republican Town Committee is proud to announce its endorsement of Peter Lumaj for Governor of Connecticut in 2018. The Republican Town Committee held its regularly scheduled monthly meeting Monday November 29th, 2017 where a motion for endorsement was made to all present voting members. The motion was discussed, voted on, and passed unanimously by all members in the room.

“Plymouth Republicans are proud to stand united behind the candidacy of Peter Lumaj. Peter is a strong candidate who embodies the conservative values of our party and who has an actual plan and team in place that can win in November of 2018. He has the right tone, the right message and will win if he’s our nominee.” said RTC Chairman Joe Kilduff. Brock Weber, Campaign Manager for Lumaj, added, “We are excited to have the Plymouth Republicans committed to a fresh start for Connecticut. This endorsement is the first official RTC endorsement since Peter declared his candidacy for Governor and we look forward to many more as we continue our campaign over the coming months. Town Committee members and potential convention delegates are looking for a real conservative to support in 2018 – with Peter Lumaj, they have found their man.”