Republican candidates seeking state offices visit Wilton

By Stephanie Kim – The Hour

Peter Lumaj, an immigration attorney from Fairfield, said the first few issues he’d tackle as governor would be to reform statewide agencies, the state income tax and the welfare system. He also shot down tolls and adding more taxes. And he vowed to push away “socialism (that) is coming to the United States” — which he said bears similarities to the Communist regime he fled from in his native country of Albania in the 1980s.

“If we make these changes right away, and if we go to Hartford with the character and the fortitude of dismantling the mentality that we have in Hartford right now, we can change the state around,” said Lumaj, who lost in a close race for secretary of state in 2014. “Only someone who’s a compete outsider, like I am, can make those changes.” Read the full story here.